Glennyce Creighton
Glennyce Creighton
Alan & Glenyce Ceighton
Myocum Road 2481 Myocum NSW

Organic farmer Glenyce Creighton has one of the markets’ most eclectic stalls.

Here you’ll find everything from chokoes to custard apples, as well as some incredible local produce you may never have known existed.

Here’s a sample of some of her produce and some tips on how best to enjoy it:
Free range chicken, duck and turkey eggs: Duck eggs are a secret every baker should
know about. They’ll make your sponges rise higher than you thought possible and your
other baked goods moist and light. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the turkey eggs.
They have a mild flavour that’s similar to chicken eggs.
Loofahs: These vine-growing plants are the ultimate eco-friendly cleaning or body
sponge. Excellent for exfoliating in the shower. Store it upright and allow to drain
between uses to keep it in top condition.
Daikon radish: A long white radish that’s milder than most but still a little peppery.
Pickled daikon is a very popular accompaniment to Japanese food, while raw daikon
gives a lovely crunch to salads.
Horned melon: These spiky little fellas are not as scary as they look. Cut off their outer spines and you‘ll find a fruit with a mild taste similar to cucumber.


free range duck & hen eggs, citrus,
pecans, macadamias, custard apples, apples,
mangoes, pawpaws, mulberries, lychees,
pineapples, rockmelons, watermelons, rosella,
zucchini, cucumber, corn, sweet potatoes, ginger,
garlic, pumpkin, peanuts, chokos, potatoe(vars),
asian greens, cabbage, cut herbs, cherry
tomatoes, cut and potted plants (no
environmental weeds)
Grumpy Grandma’s Olives
Tim Stone
0411 237 251

Grumpy Grandma’s is all about producing the finest table olives,tapenades and dried olives plus supplying quality Australian extra virgin olive oil to our customers. We are in control of the processing methods being used to de-bitter the table fruit supplied by our trusted olive growers, and therefore we are able to ensure the end product is the best textured and flavored table olive, tapenade or dried olive you have ever tasted.

Table olives (bulk and packaged), virgin olive oil (bulk and bottled), infused extra virgin olive oil, dried olives, marinated dried olives

Heart Breads
Heart Breads
Simon Ivanac
0402 1030 784/ 0423 590 270
64 Midgen Flat Rd Broken Head NSW, 2481

We hand make organic sourdoughs – the way breads used to be! We source and use the best closest and freshest ingredients for our woodfired breads , brioche , buns and numerous healthy treats.

A variety of woodfired sourdoughs, festive and fruit buns, rolls, brioches, banana bread, breads with vegetable fillings (e.g mushroom, beetroot). Cornbread, hot cross buns, b
Jumping Red Ant
Jumping Red Ant
John Atkin
02 6677 7484
64 Loders Rd Duranbah NSW, 2487

Look for the flower petals in the middle and you will find by John and Kathy Atkin, with the kids help, selling quality veggies, fruits and flowers.

cucumber, eggplant,

peppers, chilli, citrus, lemons, ruby grapefruit,

limes, lemonades, avocado (hass, fuerte, sharwill,

reed), custard apple, lychees, olives, mango,

roses, gerberas, Zucchini, button squash, beans,

, tomatoes, silverbeet.
Kennedys Lane Farm
Kennedys Lane Farm
Oori Leshem
6684 7997

Kennedys Lane Farm supplies locally grown, nutrient-rich, high quality certified organic produce.

The ever changing seasonal selection includes leafy greens, herbs and root vegetables, along with some lesser known lesser known, unusual or foreign items.

Local Dorper Lamb
Local Dorper Lamb
Marina and Warren Wiggins

Our sheep are raised in a stress free environment under sustainably organic farming principals. Our sheep feed on natural grasses under an improved high protein pasture program which includes cloves, plantain and chicory.

We are Meat Standards Australia accredited which means our farming practises and our sheep meat have met strict criteria to ensure we meet consumer expectations for eating quality attributes of tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

Prime Dorper lamb
Myocum Coffee
Myocum Coffee
Bob James
02 6684 7358/ 0416 199 476
Myocum Rd Myocum via Byron Bay NSW, 2481

Bob and Marlene James have been growing coffee at Myocum for more than 20 years and have become one of the region’s favourite local coffee producers.

● Coffee (Beans)
● Coffee (Ground)
● Coffee (By the Cup)
● Tea (By the Cup)
● Coffee (Choc-Coated Beans)
● Hot Chocolate (by the cup)
Neville Singh
Neville Singh
Neville Singh
02 6687 1875/ 0427 871 875
27 Fowlers Lane Road PO Box 72 Bangalow NSW, 2479

Owners Neville comes from a family with a long history of farming on the north coast of New South Wales. He is the 3rd generation to farm bananas near Bangalow. Neville doesn’t use any chemicals and is an mentor and expert to other growers in the district.

banana (cavendish, ladyfinger)
snake beans, chilli (fresh and pickled), bitter
melon, okra, garlic, , citrus (lemons, limes, oranges,
grapefruit), nimbu, pawpaw, melons, pineapples,
avocadoes (pinkerton), peaches, nectarin,
VALUE ADDED dried bananas, yoghurt
coated bananas, preserved chillis, indian pickles
Nimbin Valley Dairy
Nimbin Valley Dairy
Paul Wilson and Kerry Wilson
02 66891809/ 0439 668 489
Tuntable Falls Rd Nimbin NSW, 2480

Both Kerry and Paul come from a long line of dairy farmers and share a passion for simple wholesome produce. Paul studied at the National Centre for Dairy Education, winning the Dairy Australia Cheesemaking Scholarship in 2007. As the family cheesemaker, his talent is the product of his upbringing and a passion for creating great tasting cheeses.

Goat milk cheese and yoghurt, Cow milk cheese and yoghurt, goat milk soap and keffir
Proscuitto and salami
One Organic
One Organic
Kieran & Lyndel Weston
Possum Creek NSW

One Organic are a certified Organic Seedling Nursery based in Byron Bay New South Wales. Our seedlings are grown from open pollinated non hybrid non treated seed. We specialise in vegetable,herbs and medicinal flowers.

organic vegetable, herb and companion plant seedlings, organic compost/fertilier.
We are a certified organic grower of Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers. We use100% natural and organic methods for growing and produce healthy, high quality plants with real vitality.

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