One Organic
One Organic
Kieran & Lyndel Weston
Possum Creek NSW

One Organic are a certified Organic Seedling Nursery based in Byron Bay New South Wales. Our seedlings are grown from open pollinated non hybrid non treated seed. We specialise in vegetable,herbs and medicinal flowers.

organic vegetable, herb and companion plant seedlings, organic compost/fertilier.
We are a certified organic grower of Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers. We use100% natural and organic methods for growing and produce healthy, high quality plants with real vitality.
Peace, Love & Crepes (bi-weekly)
Cecile Charrue

Peace Love and Crepes, is now at the market every second Tuesday, serving delicious sweet and savoury creations (including vegan and gluten free options).

Cooking crepes is in Cecile’s blood as her family come from Brittany in France, which is considered the birthplace of crepes. So she makes the traditional egg, cheese and ham, using the savoury base.
Others include La Vegan, a combo of organic spinach, tomatoes, local mushrooms, local olives and homemade pesto; and the La Special, with free-range egg, spinach, tomatoes, olive and Nimbin cheese.
Cecile makes her savoury crepe batter the traditional way  – with organic buckwheat flour – but has adapted the recipe so that it is vegan as well as gluten free.
And although savoury is Cecile’s personal preference, her menu has plenty for the sweet tooth. Toppings including local honey;  homemade local blueberry, raspberry and strawberry jam; homemade chocolate sauce; and the very-French salted butter caramel,  hand made by Cecile and 100 percent organic.

Picone Exotic Fruits
Picone Exotic Fruits
John & Lyndel Picone
02 6684 6104 / 0412 929 208
PO Box 282 Lot 51 Foxes Lane Tyagarah Mullumbimby NSW, 2482

John Picone, will guide you through his exotic orchard which boasts some 200 exotic fruits and 20 vegetables. The species originate from South America, Europe, Asia, India, Japan, and Mexico and are from traditional stock. The trees are not grown in a hothouse, but are often growing in conditions quite different from their origins.

John’s very personal touch and spray free methods are essential to the successful growth and harvest and even include some hand pollinating. Surprising species found in his open garden include the vanilla pod orchids, and the pepper plant, normally not found in this climate.

John is an Encyclopaedia of knowledge on growing, cooking, preserving, bush kitchen preparing and nutritional qualities of his produce. His personable stories, are rich with generosity of sharing and garnished with astounding flavoured samples..

snake beans, asparagus, cucumbers (old varieties), lima beans (fresh), warrigal spinach,edamame soy beans (fresh), krachai, green papaya, chillies, torch ginger (edible flower), peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, grapes, nashi, oranges, bergamot orange, monsteria peliciosa, betel leaf, tomatillo, pomegranates, jujube, sapotes, sapodila, rollinia, carambola, abiu, guava, longans, lychee, feijoa, mammey sapote, pineapple, persimmons, apples, pears, figs, citrus, melons, custard apples, soursop, pepino, cassava, taro, bamboo shoots, garlic, ginger, lotus, galangal, dec 13- koubo fruit, cocoa, red velvet apple, soncoya, mangosteen, pumpkin (trombone, marina di chioggia), davidsons plum (whole)
Possum Creek Eggs
Possum Creek Eggs

Possum Creek Eggs come from open range hens – happy, healthy and ethically-raised birds that are free to roam in the sunshine, scratch in the grass and enjoy the fresh air. They eat the varied diet that nature intended, enjoying nutrition that most chickens simply do not have access to. What goes into the chicken goes into the egg, which means Possum Creek Eggs are packed with goodness.

Rainbow Flat Fruits
Rainbow Flat Fruits
Stephen and Kylie Cridland
02 6677 1783
33 wallaroo drive burringbar Burringbar NSW, 2483

Rainbow Fruit Flats are a natural and healthy snack for all ages. They are 100% pure fruit, gluten free, with no added sugar or preservatives. There is 250 grams of fruit in each half circle. Roll them, fold them, shove them in your lunch pack and take them anywhere.

Rainbow Fruit Flats strawberries, mango, pineapple, davidsons plum, dragonfruit, tomatoes (retail only-black russian,yellow pearl unless shortage, kiwifruit, carrots.
VALUE ADDED fruit flats, frozen strawberries, jams, toppings, pineapples, chocolate coated strawberries/bananas, mango/rainbow fruit ice stick, fresh fruit sticks, sun dried tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato chutney, smoothies, fresh juices.
Rainforest Foods
Rainforest Foods
Anthony Hotson
02 6680 8199 / 0416 285 558
Po Box 281 Alstonville NSW, 2477

Rainforest Foods produces quality gourmet products from the native plants of the lush Australian rainforest. We specialise in premium quality products made from the Macadamia Nuts grown on our native food farm. We also provide an enticing selection of handmade Jams, Jellies, Marmalades and Sauce made from the Byron Bay rainforest.

Macadamias and value added macadamia products-
unshelled and shelled roasted and raw nuts, macadamia paste, honey roasted macadamias,
chocolate-coated macadamias, macadamia oil (bottled, bulk and infused e.g lemon myrtle). Bush food products- davidson plum jam & sauce, lemon myrtle infused honey, native lime marmalades, riberry jam & other bush tucker jams, bush tucker based muesli, davidson plum paste and macadamia nut ice cream
Jose & Jane Falagan & Boniface
02 6628 2404
260 Duncan Rd Numulgi NSW, 2480

Rancho Relaxo is an organic citrus farm in the Byron Bay Hinterlands of northern New South Wales, Australia.

Owners Jane Boniface and Jose Falagan grow and sell mixed citrus, including limes, mandarins, lemons and tangelos.

Jane and Jose also create award winning hand-made cordials, including Rancho Lime, Rancho Mandarina and Rancho Elderflower.

● Custard Apples (Brazilian)
● Lemons
● Lime (Tahitian)
● Mandarin (Murcott)
● Oranges
● Blood Navels
● Washington Navels
● Tangelos

Value add
• Lime, Mandarin and Elderflower Cordial
Spice Palace
Spice Palace
Rob & Duska Cullinan
02 6680 1726 / 0401406997
The Pocket

At Spice Palace we source the best of our region’s food, plus the finest spices from around the world, to offer a unique range of exotic gourmet food.
Our Spice Blends, dips and tapenades and are all gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.
Our dips and spreads are always made with market fresh seasonal produce, our Dukkahs are made with the finest new-season nuts and spices and our Chermoula, Ras-Al-Hanout and other Spice Blends have only the top-quality spices, roasted by us – and ground and mixed, lovingly every week.

Baclava, harissa chilli paste, preserved lemons,
hommus, dukkah and other spice blends, olive
spreads, lime peanut sauce, pesto, savoury tarts,
tahini, greek custard pie. Mexican salsa,
pumpkin dip, beetroot dip,pesto dip.

Our passion for exotic food has been inspired by extended stays in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. We make most of our products at home, roasting and mixing spice-blends every week, baking baklava three times a week, and blending dips and tapenades that have been popular in the Byron Shire, and beyond, since 1998.
Sprout Lovers (bi-weekly)
Ruth Hanrahan
02 6684 7288 / 0423 126 001
Mullumbimby 2482

Come and meet sprouter and naturopath Ruth and lovely partner Michael. You won’t regret it and you’ll give your health a nice little boost in the process.Did you know sprouts are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat? They are a living food, literally bursting into goodness. At the moment of sprouting there’s an explosion of nutrition that happens within the seed. Sprouts are packed with vitamins, enzymes, protein and minerals. We have a wide variety, so there’s something for everyone.

Produce: ● Sprouts (Adzuki Bean)
● Sprouts (Alfalfa)
● Sprouts (Blue Pea)
● Sprouts (Broccoli)
● Sprouts (Chick Pea)
● Sprouts (Fenugreek)
● Sprouts (Mung Bean)
● Sprouts (Radish)
● Sprouts (Red Lentil)
● Sprouts (Soaked Almonds)

Summit Farms
Summit Farms
Rod & Tanya Bruin
776 Tyalgum Creek Road Tyalgum, NSW, 2484

Summit Organics is a family-owned 338-acre (128 hectare) property, right next to the World Heritage-listed Border Ranges National Park. The vegetable production area is an intensive market garden and utilises approximately six acres. We produce more than fifty different vegetable and herb crops in a year and are certified organic.

watermelon, rockmelon, galangal, fennel, broccoli,

cauliflower, sprouts: peas, sunflower, buckwheat,

radish, wheatgrass, herbs: mint, coriander, dill,

flat parsley, curly parsley, basil, celery, radish,

mizuna, rocket, English spinach, European

spinach, Egyptian spinach, kang kong, shallots,

leeks, sorrel, kale, silverbeet, collard greens,

dandelions, corn, cucumbers, tatsoi,

tomatoes, garlic , sweet potato,

pumpkins, eggplant, peas, beans,

turmeric & ginger

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