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Bangalow Coffee

The North Coast is known as a mecca for fine coffee, but local grower Michelle Clarke of Bangalow Coffee says it hasn’t always been this way. When she and husband Andy started growing coffee almost 20 years ago, it was hard to find buyers for their product.

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Church Farm

It all began with a little roadside stall. Andrew Morris and Amanda Callan would leave the extra veggies from their garden in the box at the front gate to be picked up by passers by. Encouraged by the response, they started leaving other things there too –

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One Organic

If you want to take responsibility for your health,  grow your own food and grow it organically. That’s the message that Possum Creek farmers Lyndel and Kieran Weston share with the community via their organic seeding business, One Organic,  a fixture at markets and farmers markets around

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The Organic Avocado

There are hundreds of avocado varieties, each with their own unique size, shape, texture and flavour, but walk down the fruit and veg aisle at your local supermarket and you might get the impression the Hass is the only type of avocado there is. It’s not that

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Heart Breads

In our fast-paced, profit driven world, we want instant results and immediate gratification, especially when it comes to food. Quick, cheap and easy to produce, fast and processed convenience foods now make up a huge part of our diets, and it’s no surprise that this has coincided

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Eating with the seasons

Rod and Tania Bruin, of Summit Organics

Thanks to the convenience of supermarkets and the wonders of global transportation, most of us have lost touch with the idea of eating seasonally. Most fruit and vegetables are now available year-round, and many of us would struggle to name the peak growing seasons for particular foods.

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Oils aint oils

Extra virgin olive oil is sought after for its superior flavour, aroma and nutritional value, but if you’re buying imported oils labelled extra virgin, you may not be getting what you think. Studies have shown more than half of the imported extra virgin olive oil in Australian

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Active jellybush honey

You’ve probably heard of New Zealand’s Manuka honey. Since researchers discovered it’s unique medicinal properties (and since celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Novak Djokovic started using it) its popularity has soared. In Australia there is a honey that is lesser known, but just as potent, and local beekeeper Garry

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Brunswick Seed Oysters

Oysters. You either love them with a passion, or shudder at the very idea. Noel Baggaley, a local oyster farmer of 40 years and confirmed oyster lover, says it can often take a few attempts to get used to the texture and flavour, but once you’re converted,

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Possum Creek Eggs

Is a chicken an animal, or simply an egg-making machine? Too many big egg producers view their hens as the latter, subjecting them to short, uncomfortable and painful lives. At Possum Creek, a farm in the Byron Bay hinterland, they’ve made a commitment to do things differently.

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