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The Nomadic Kitchen

   At The Nomadic Kitchen, chef Rob Costanzo works with the simplest of set ups. A gas camp stove, a few frypans and utensils, some chopping boards and knives and a plastic tub for washing up. It’s a far cry from the multi-million kitchen at London’s Michelin-starred River

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McMahon’s Apples

Did you know that the apples you buy from the supermarket may be almost a year old? It’s common practice in the industry to cold store apples and treat them with a gas to stop them ripening. This method of storage allows us to enjoy apples year

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Mango season

The luscious, juicy mango is the king of the tropical fruits, synonymous with summer in Australia. Much of Australia’s mango supply tends to come from the Northern Territory and Queensland – they ripen from about October onwards – and these are the varieties you’ll be eating around

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Byron Bay Tempeh

Tempeh has long been a staple of vegetarian and vegan diets, but it’s starting to enjoy a more mainstream appeal, according to Sarah Bourke of Byron Bay Tempeh. Sarah says she has noticed a growing interest in tempeh among people who don’t want to give up meat

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Rainbow Fruit Flats

If you’ve ever been to the farmers markets with kids in tow, you’ll be familiar with the Rainbow Fruit Flats stall. With treats like dried fruit ‘rainbows’, real fruit ice blocks and choc-coated frozen strawberries, mangos and bananas, it’s the place every kid wants to visit. Co-owner

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Blueberry Fields

otto saeck, blueberries

Farmers’ markets have done much more than help blueberry farmer Otto Saeck make a living – they’ve made him change his whole approach to farming. The Brooklet-based co-owner of blueberry orchard, Blueberry Fields, says putting a face to the people who are eating your product gives you

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Fox Farm

With their incredible flavours and wonderful variety of shapes and colours, heirloom tomatoes are the antithesis to the bland, tasteless tomatoes that fill modern supermarket shelves. They’re the tomatoes our grandparents ate, in the days before hybrid tomatoes – bred for looks and transportability rather than taste –

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You haven’t eaten pasta until you’ve had it fresh and hand made. “The taste is totally different,” says Giorgia Zanzani, who was born and bred in Bologna, Italy, the birthplace of tagliatelle and Bolognese. As a child, Giorgia spent many a Sunday watching her grandma make pasta

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Rainforest Foods

IF Anthony Hotson had to name a favourite from the huge variety of macadamia products he creates for his native food business, Rainforest Foods, it would be the macadamia butter. “I eat so much of it,” he laughs, “maca butter on toast; maca butter with potato mash,

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Rancho Relaxo

If there’s such a thing as a perfect cordial, Jane Boniface has just about nailed it. For the past decade, her hand-made cordials have been winning awards at fine food competitions all over the country, including at this year’s Hobart Fine Food Show, where her Rancho Relaxo

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