Healthy lunchbox tips

summerlunchboxPacking a healthy school lunchbox for your kids is easy at the New Brighton Farmers Market.

Give the packaged sugary and processed stuff at the supermarket a miss, and pick up some fresh, healthy and easy foods to fill your kids lunchboxes this term.

For fresh fruit and vegetables, there are plenty of great choices in season now. Cut up watermelon or rockmelon make a delicious and hydrating addition to the kid’s lunchboxes on hot days (add an ice brick to keep things cool). Other fruit in season now are bananas – including the lunchbox sized ladyfingers – mangos, dragonfruit, grapes, blueberries and apples. For vegies, try whole raw green beans, cherry tomatoes  capsicum, carrot and cucumber sticks, and add some hummus to dip them in from Baraka Foods or the Byron Spice Palace.

For a treat, add one of the colourful 100% Rainbow Fruit Flats to their lunchbox, a much better choice than the commercial fruit roll-ups, which are full of artificial stuff.

For recess, Witch’s Broomstick have some easy, wholesome snacks, including home-made pikelets, cheese and spinach scrolls, mini-quiches and home made sausage rolls. Dried olives from Grumpy Grandma Olives are another great snack that the kids will love in their lunchbox.

Heart Breads make some delicious baked snacks, including cinnamon sweeties, fruit buns and banana and sultana splits. There’s some gorgeous local  yoghurt available from Nimbin Valley Dairy.

For sandwiches, there are a choice of breads, including a big variety of sourdoughs from Heart Breads. Cut up and store in the freezer to use as you need.  Fill your bread with some fresh salad and a boiled free range egg from Possum Creek, and your school lunchbox is sorted.

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