New and in season: February


They may lack the flashy appeal of fruits like goji or acai berries, but apples are a fruit that truly deserve superfood status. Not only are they incredibly good for you (high in fibre, vitamin and antioxidants), they’re one of the most convenient on the go snacks around (no peeling or preparation required) are incredibly versatile in the kitchen (cakes, desserts, salads, relish, breakfast), and they’re affordable. The new apple season has just begun at the local farmers markets, with some lovely crisp Royal Galas now available from Costanzo Apples  and beautiful organic Royal Galas and Granny Smith’s from McMahon’s Organic Apples.


If you’ve travelled in South East Asia you’re likely to be familiar with the Jackfruit. It’s a very large spiky tropical fruit that, when ripe, tastes something like blend of apple, pineapple, mango, and banana. The green, unripe fruit has become very popular with vegans and vegetarians as a meat substitute – when cooked with some barbecue spices and barbecue sauce, it has a texture and flavour similar to pulled pork.  Local grower John Picone says it’s been a good jackfruit season. If you’re after a green fruit, let him know in advance.


It’s amazing how much of a difference fresh lime juice can make to a meal. A dash of lime juice on your Thai Green Curry or added to your guacamole, – it just takes food to the next level. Lime is great in drinks too – even tap water becomes something special with a dash of lime! With the local lemon season still a little way off, they also make a perfect lemon substitute in any recipe. And make sure you don’t waste the zest – grate it off before you cut the lime and then freeze it. Excellent in pasta, breadcrumbs or baked goods for some extra zing. In season and available now from Rancho Limes or Jumping Red Ant.


You’ve heard of kombucha and kefir, but what about jun? This fermented probiotic drink is based on tea (like kombucha), but instead of black tea and sugar, it uses green tea and raw honey. It has the same fizz, but a more delicate flavour, and some refer to it as ‘the champagne of kombuchas’. Numulgi citrus grower Jane Boniface, known for her fresh lime, mandarin and elderflower cordials, has developed her own version of jun, which she flavours with her home-grown elderflowers. Available at her stall, Rancho.



The popular pink -skinned dragonfruit variety is now in season locally.  The pink-skinned variety comes with two flesh colours – white flesh with black seeds or the striking magenta coloured flesh with black seeds. Both have a mild, delicate and refreshing taste that’s a little like a blend of kiwi, pear and watermelon. Dragonfruit look fantastic diced in a fruit salad, or simply chill, cut in half, add a squeeze of lime, scoop out the flesh and enjoy. Find dragonfruit at Picone Exotics and Rainbow Fruit Flats.

Sandpaper figs

Smaller than more commonly available figs, these dark red native figs are super sweet, caramel-y and delicious. As the name suggests, they come form the sandpaper fig tree, which is native to the east coast of Australia. Grower John Picone of Picone Exotics says the rough leaves mean picking the fruit can be quite difficult (and sometimes painful) but the flavour of fruit makes it worthwhile. Like other figs, sandpaper figs are delicious eaten fresh as they are, or with a soft cheese like brie. You can also use them in a salad – rocket, walnuts, goats’ cheese and figs is a classic combination. John’s other figs are also in season now, including the honey flavoured Napolitana.

Button Squash


Bright yellow and shaped like a UFO, button squash are one of the most eye-catching summer vegetables. The classic way to cook them is to steam whole, then cut up and add seasonings, but there are lots of other ways of preparing them. The big ones are good sliced into a stir-fry, or you can stuff with onion, breadcrumbs or rice, cheese and bacon and bake. The little ones are especially good barbecued on skewers with other veggies. Available from Jumping Red Ant and Everest Farm. 



Sweet Corn

Because it’s locally grown, the corn at the markets is super fresh, and full of the sugars that make it so sweet. Eat it the day you buy it for maximum sweetness.  Find sweet corn at the Everest Farm stall.


Fragrant summer basil is perfect in pesto, sprinkled fresh on pizza, or in salads. Look for fresh basil at The Gourmet Salad Hut.


If the New Year has got you feeling like a detox and craving all things fresh, clean, and green, try adding some sprouts to your diet. Sprinkle on salads, sandwiches, stir fries or soups for extra flavour texture and nutrition, add them to green juices, or enjoy them on their own dressed with some olive oil and salt and pepper. You’ll find big range of sprouts from Sproutlovers  at Denise Latham’s lettuce stall  including mung bean, lentil and chickpea sprouts,  while the Energetic Greens stall  has soil grown sprouts such including broccoli, radish, wheat grass and barley grass.


Tomatoes are super sweet at the moment. Available from Coopers Shoot Tomatoes or Jumping Red Ant.



Delicious eaten fresh or stuffed and roasted. Capsicums available from Coopers Shoot Tomatoes, Jumping Red Ant and Everest Farm.


 Jumping Red Ant and Everest Farm have sweet new season passionfruit.

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