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rosellasThe beautifully coloured crimson ‘fruits’ of the rosella (actually the calyx of the ‘fruits’ of the rosella (actually the calyx of the rosella plant) can be used to make a delicious jam. They are also great as a filling for pies, in cordials or syrups, as a tea, or in chutneys. They are just coming into season now, find them at Glenyce Creighton’s stall.

Apples and pears

Along with the popular William pear, the delicious brown skinned Buerre Bosc is now in season. The Buerre is known as the best dessert pear and has a flesh that is crisp rich and creamy (makes sense since it is named after the French word for butter). It’s a perfect pear for poaching, cakes, and crumbles. Find it at McMahon’s Organic Apples. Royal Galas, Granny Smith and Fuji apples also available at McMahon’s and Costanzo Apples.


Autumn is here and so are the pumpkins. New season pumpkin is appearing everywhere and now is a great time to enjoy it. Try dicing, roasting and adding to a salad, warming up the cooler evenings with some pumpkin soup, or even roasting, mashing and then spreading on toast with ricotta for a hearty breakfast. Don’t waste the seeds either – clean, rinse then roast with a little olive oil and salt for a yummy nutritious snack or a sprinkle for your salads. Pumpkin available from Will Everest and Neville Singh.


There is always an abundance of zucchini available at this time of year. Zucchinis a great match with eggs – fry or roast and add to an omelette or grate it into a zucchini slice for the kids’ lunch boxes. They’re also great for zoodles – a gluten free alternative to pasta and noodles. Stir fries, soups, curries and zucchini bread are some other ways to make the most of this versatile summer veggie.


John Picone of Picone Exotics with one of his home grown jackfruit

John Picone of Picone Exotics with one of his home grown jackfruit

This enormous yellowy/green fruit with prickly skin can grow up to one metre long and weigh up to 30kg. When ripe, they have soft texture and sweet honey flavour that something like a blend of mango/pineapple and banana. The green, unripe fruit is popular with vegans and vegetarians, who use it as a meat substitute in savoury dishes, comparing its texture to that of pulled pork. Jackfruit is a bit sticky and can create a bit of mess when it’s cut – put down newspaper and coat your hands and the knife with vegetable oil beforehand, or buy it pre-cut.  Available from Picone Exotics.


Also known as the lady finger due to its long elegant shape, okra is known for its ability to thicken soups and stews. It’s also delicious deep-fried and is the star ingredient in the classic Indian curry, bhindi masala. Glenyce Creighton and Neville Singh both have okra now.


The zesty flavour of these refreshing little fruit is perfect on a warm day. Make yourself a limeade, squeeze into your sparkling water, add a dash of lime juice to cocktails, or blend with pineapple and mint and freeze to create the perfect summer ice-block. A squeeze of lime will bring out the flavour of almost any fruit, but particularly fruits like mangos, paw paw, watermelon, pineapple and dragonfruit. Limes are also an essential ingredient in many Asian dishes, marinades and salad dressings, and add an amazing flavour to desserts, pies and tarts. Fresh new season limes available now from Neville Singh, The Salad Hut and Church Farm.


This versatile vegetable is in abundance during late summer. Char-grill to bring out the flavour and add it to salads, curries or use as a pizza topping. Fresh eggplant is available from Everest Farm, Summit Organics, Jumping Red Ant and Glenyce Creighton.

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