Our new stalls!

Lovers of local food now have an even greater variety to choose from at New Brighton Farmers Market.

The market has added four news stalls: Fox Farm organic pasture raised chicken, Byron Grass Fed beef, Byron Gourmet Pasta and Nimbin Valley Rice and Pecans.

Fox Farm, based near Newrybar, is a small scale, sustainable organic poultry farm, run by Stuart Fox, who is passionate about caring for his animals and his land. The chickens are not confined to sheds – as conventionally raised meat birds often are – but live their entire lives outdoors, where they can roam freely, enjoy the sunshine, dustbathe and have access to the grass and bugs that make up their natural diet. Stuart sells all cuts, along with preservative free sausages and chicken bones for stock.

Andrew Cameron, of Byron Grass Fed

Right next to Fox Farm at the market is the Byron Grass Fed stall, run by Andrew Cameron.  Andrew sources the beef from a collective of local farmers who work with nature and raise animals on pasture alone. That means there’s no grain to ‘finish’, which is what happens to most beef – even beef that is labelled grass fed. Andrew says grass fed and finished beef is better for the land, animals and human health.

Liam Ahern, of Byron Gourmet Pasta

On the other side of the market, near the Nomadic Kitchen breakfast stall, is Byron Gourmet Pasta, run by Liam Ahern. Liam sells a range of fresh hand-made pasta and ravioli made with local and organic ingredients, including vegan, low-gluten and gluten free options.  Ravioli flavours include Spinach and Three Cheese; Pumpkin, Sage and Garlic; Ricotta, Lemon, Chilli, Parsley; and Haloumi and Mint.

Last but not least is Nimbin Valley Rice and Pecans, the Goolmangar- based farm run by Frank Boyle that already has popular stalls at Byron, Bangalow and Lismore farmers markets. Nimbin Valley Rice and Pecans will be supplying locally grown brown rice, brown rice cakes and pecan products including pecan muesli to customers at New Brighton.

The four new stalls will complement the 30-plus stalls already at the market, which offer fresh local fruit and vegetables, lamb and seafood, eggs, honey, olives, macadamias and pecans, cheese, milk and yoghurt, coffee, tempeh, fresh dips and cordials.


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